14 Battle 4 draws, 4 losses 9th! Manchester United is so bad! Please Mussina had much better

If not personally seen , who would believe that when a third of the Premiership race is over , the defending champions Manchester United Wholesale jerseys even ranked only 9 ! Manchester United is not ranked in the Arsenal side , such giants Chelsea , but Aston Villa, Swansea this River team , which undoubtedly staggering.

Now look at the standings now , after 14 League , Manchester United 's record of six wins, four draws and only 4 losses , 22 points . Wholesale nfl jerseys Arsenal have enough distance from the top of a 12- point gap from the first four of Liverpool is also a 5 -point gap. Not to mention the record can not be compared with Chelsea , Manchester City this powerful enemy , and even a team like Everton ,wholesale jerseys from china Newcastle and Southampton are ahead of Manchester United, this is a great stimulus for the team is concerned .

Mourinho before the Wholesale jerseys start of the game comes round Recent Manchester United said: "9 points and 10 points is indeed a relatively large gap , if it is 4 points, then it is nothing, you can catch two games too back , while if the gap between Manchester United and Arsenal can be reduced to 6,7 points, then their future is still uncertain . but if this gap continues to widen to 12 points or 13 points, Wholesale nfl jerseys then you want to catch up on the really hard . " Mourinho's words are now in the phrase , Manchester United and Arsenal points gap large enough to have pulled 12 points . Mourinho dare to release such remarks are based on his years of coaching experience and knowledge of football rules , wholesale jerseys free shipping but such words of advice before the game , then Manchester United now looks more like a death sentence to Manchester United . Defending champions want to win in such adversity, I am afraid only expect a miracle.

I do not know whether Wholesale nhl jerseys Ferguson will regret abandoned Mourinho and David Moyes in the selection of handpicked successors . Spanish names are written Diego - Torres had broke the news: "When Mourinho knows Ferguson chose Moyes , he almost could not believe the big shouted: " He ( Moyes ) have not won anything . " Wholesale nhl jerseys After I heard the news , Mourinho could not sleep all night , you just sit there staring at the phone to see while the status of the two men now look very different , and I do not know what to think Ferguson .

Manchester United fans Wholesale jerseys even more worried is that now under the command of David Moyes Zhezhi Manchester United are losing two magic Ferguson era survival , the ability to grab points and the end of the week to grab points . Early last month, the "Daily Mail " will make some statistics , Manchester United in the New Year and ranking points over the past 11 seasons , in which four sequential sequence 2,2 1,5 sequence 3. Highest score of 54 points, the lowest score was 38 points. Wholesale mlb jerseys Before the arrival of the New Year this season , Manchester United have five league games , even the lowest five straight victories in the final points only 37 points, creating nearly 12 seasons since has become an irreversible fact.

The same analysis from the " Wholesale nba jerseys Daily Mail" , and in a pre-war with Everton , Manchester United total in Premier League history on Wednesday to complete the 90 games, including 58 wins and made ??a record 23 draws and 9 losses , winning percentage reaches 64 % , while the other team , Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal winning in 50. And now under the command of United Moyes Wholesale mlb jerseys did this magic. Everton lost a war game in the local time of day is Wednesday , Manchester United did its former elegance .

This is likely to lose two Wholesale jerseys magic doomed champion Manchester United will be missed . The end of the week and the ability to grab points to grab points , the test team is the ability to adjust the schedule in dense , stability and lineup depth. Who better deal in these areas , who is the ultimate champion hot . Ferguson era at Manchester United once famous Christmas rush hours , Ferguson can always activate the team's biggest energy , full use of their advantages Wholesale nba jerseys lineup laid champion trend. Today Moyes apparently did not learn the essence of Ferguson , which directly led to the collapse of Manchester United began to appear in the much-needed sign of grab points in December . Fallen man 's best bullied " any punches ." Lost to Everton obviously not be the end of the weekend 's Newcastle , Manchester United is no Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie may not come back, maybe that would be another nightmare Moyes .

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