PRIME MAGAZINE — 29 April 2016
Eight great-for-you things to do for yourself

By Deborah Wilker

City & Shore PRIME

Visit any number of frugality blogs often enough and you’ll notice a running theme: The correlation between fiscal and physical fitness runs deep. The more we do for ourselves – cooking at home rather than dining out, handling at least some of our own chores – the better we tend to feel. That we’ve saved some money and possibly broadened our horizons while doing so are feel-good bonuses.

Best-selling authors Suze Orman and Ramit Sethi (I Will Teach You to Be Rich) are just a couple of the money experts who have long made connections among finances, body, mind, spirit and resourcefulness.

So what endeavors can you embrace right now that will reap all kinds of rewards – cerebral, physical, financial and otherwise? Here are eight great-for-you things to try today:


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