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Scott Stapp of Creed: Front-man centered


He’s a father, a husband, a Christian, an author and a native Floridian. He’s also a rock star. At 39, Scott Stapp has accomplished many people’s life dreams: fame and fortune as the front man for the multiplatinum rock band Creed. But despite the success granted by the band’s overnight rise to fame in the late ’90s, Stapp was haunted by his past and conflicted by a deep-rooted belief system that had been instilled in him during his emotionally and physically abusive upbringing in a strict religious household. Unable to combat his inner demons, Stapp turned to alcohol, drugs and a penchant for self destruction that led to the disbanding of Creed in 2004 and his own suicide attempt in 2006.

Five years later, a clean and sober Stapp partnered with writer David Ritz to collaborate on a memoir. “Sinner’s Creed was something that I had to write personally before it ever manifested into a book project,” he says. “The book helped me grow through a time that I was seeking change and surrendering to some things in my life.”

Sinner’s Creed focuses on one of the most fundamental aspects of the human psyche: our belief system and faith. Stapp explores his relationship with God as a child and how an intolerance for imperfection created inner turmoil. “I was always at constant conflict as a child with what I was being exposed to and told and what I was finding on my own journey. There was so much polarity in every area of my life,” says the rock star, who struggled with having his faith overshadow his music in the eyes of the press, who dubbed Creed a “Christian” band and then exposed its seeming hypocrisy.

The book trails Stapp on his difficult journey to sobriety and the renewal of his faith. He credits his progress to his children and wife, Jaclyn Stapp, the 2008 Mrs. Florida America and national spokesperson for the anti-bullying organization National Voices for Equality, Education and Enlightenment (NVEEE). “I’ve finally seen what a real family is; what real love is,” the father of three says. “There is no fear with children; they have been such a blessing and such a miracle in my life.”

While the launch of Sinner’s Creed as well as a flourishing solo career and reunion tour with Creed keep Stapp busy, he and Jaclyn also remain active in many philanthropic causes, including their own Arms Wide Open Foundation. In their downtime, the Boca Raton-based family enjoys the great South Florida weather and beaches; you might even spot them out at Truluck’s (insider’s tip!). But Stapp confirms that there is a lot more to come from him in terms of writing and music. Most immediately, fans will be treated to a free download of his latest song, Pray for Sunrise, with their copy of Sinner’s Creed.

Of the dark years, Stapp says, “Those days are done. I’m moving forward and I am thankful.”

Sinner’s Creed is now available wherever books are sold and online – to find out more visit www.sinnerscreed.com

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