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Review: Fisker’s elegant sports car is back

By Charles Fleming

Rising from the ashes of designer Henrik Fisker’s failed car company, the first units of the 2018 Karma Revero hybrid electric luxury super cars rolled off the Moreno Valley, Calif., factory floor last month.

Ten went to dealer showrooms around the United States and Canada,  including Palm Beach and Miami, where company officers hope they will inspire buyers. Another 10 went to Laguna Beach, where they made their test-drive debuts before an avidly curious motoring press.

The Karma Revero is the new company’s first vehicle. Built largely from the platform Fisker envisioned before his company crashed and burned after producing a 2012 model year Fisker Karma, the new car is sleek, speedy and almost silent.

Sitting low, its wheels crouched beneath sinuous, strong shoulder and hip lines, the Revero’s silhouette may call to mind an Aston Martin Rapide, Jaguar F-Type or Ferrari California T.

Propelled by a twin-motor hybrid powertrain, the hybrid machine gets a promised 50 miles of all-electric range and a total of 300 miles of combined gas and electric range.

And it gets there in real elegance, each car a bespoke-seeming, handmade, custom creation.

Looming large among the changes: silence. The Revero’s twin motors, in all-electric Stealth mode, propel the car in almost complete silence, but for a softly audible jet-engine whine.

When the gas motor kicks in to power the generator, in Sustain mode, a light rumble emerges from under the hood. When both battery and gas motor generator are working together, in Sport mode, the car makes only slightly more noise.

Handling is swift and sure, thanks in part to a self-leveling rear suspension set-up modeled on the system found in McLaren super cars.

Swinging through turns, the car felt magnificently nimble, capable of exceeding the speed limit on even the most technical roads by a factor of two or three — though not with an amateur at the wheel.

The power, in all three modes, comes on gently but firmly.

Super car buffs will be disappointed to know the Revero’s zero to 60 mph rate, though a second faster than the previous Karma, is 5.4 seconds. (Top speed is electronically limited to 125 mph.) That compares to a reported 2.4 seconds for Teslas equipped with the P100D motors, or 3.7 seconds for a Porsche 911 Carrera S.

And anyone looking for a bargain may be sad to see the price of the new car is $130,000, up from the $103,000 base price for the Fisker Karma.

But what the car lacks in acceleration it gains in elegance.

2018 Karma Revero


Ultra luxury for hybrid fans.

Not quick enough
for performance geeks.

Vehicle type
four-passenger sedan.

Base price

Price as tested

EPA fuel economy rating
51 miles per gallon equivalent in hybrid modes, combined highway/city; 19 miles per gallon, gasoline mode only, combined highway/city.

Karma Palm Beach, 2345 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach, 561-408-8111, karmapalmbeach.com.

Karma Miami, 14800 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami, 888-860-5210, karmamiami.com.

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