On The Shore On The shore — 07 September 2014
Oh, the places they will go (on vacation)

If you live in South Florida, chances are your summers include a trip to at least one place where the heat and humidity don’t leave you feeling like you live in a sauna. We asked a few well-known residents where they had traveled to this summer, and what they appreciate most about returning home.

Clyde Butcher

Nature photographer

Spent six weeks: In the Smoky Mountains. We found a lot of intimate places up there. You have a whole contrast of environments to Florida.

Thing he misses while away: Seeing the Florida clouds again. No matter where you go, you just don’t have the clouds like we do here in Florida.

Bar or restaurant he longs for: Nope, nope, I have no interest in that stuff. I just want to get back to the swamps. The complexities of modern life are uninteresting to me.

Helio Castroneves

Race car driver

Favorite getaway: Toronto

When he returns home: Traveling so much makes me appreciate staying in and relaxing at home, not having to wake up quick and leave right away for a practice or a race.

The best part about living here: South Florida has such good weather that you always wake up in a good mood. 

Mario Chalmers

Miami Heat point guard

Just got back from: Lawrence, Kan., site of his annual charity golf tournament.

Highlight of the trip: Just relaxing with family and old friends from college [the University of Kansas].

First up when he returns: I have been working out everywhere I go and with different types of trainers, so I am looking forward to getting back to working with my teammates and getting back into the game and playing this year.

John Offerdahl 

Restaurateur, retired Dolphins linebacker

Highlight from the summer: My 50th birthday celebration at our cottage on Paw Paw Lake in Michigan. My immediate family, four sisters, their families and my Momma Ram [Irene Offerdahl] gathered to grill-up some new memories and be grateful for old ones.

Which made him appreciate: Up north, it’s not hard to think six months forward and appreciate South Florida winters.

Scott Conant

Chef, restaurateur, Scarpetta, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Just got back from: I have a home in Bodrum, Turkey, and I love going there to check out from reality a bit while spending time with my family. I just sit in the backyard with the cup of coffee and my little girls, eating some of the best food in the world.

What’s next: I’m taking trips to Dubai and Los Angeles and planning a trip to Tokyo soon.

— Eric Barton

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