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How to turn your old cell phone into cash

By Robyn A. Friedman

Is that new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone calling your name? How about the much-anticipated iPhone 6, due out later this year? 

If, like many of us, you are a gadget-holic who just needs to own the latest and greatest technological advances, then you may have a collection of older, but perfectly usable, devices gathering dust in your home. Here are some tips for turning them into cash.

Sell it online. There are plenty of online sites that will either purchase your phone outright or allow you to list it for sale. The better known ones include Gazelle.com, uSell.com and Swappa.com. But you might be able to get a higher price on eBay, like Steven Brand did. The Davie resident recently upgraded to the iPhone 5S and was looking to sell his one-year-old iPhone 5. Gazelle offered him $310. He listed it on eBay and snagged $405 for it — in just hours.

Trade it in. Several of the wireless carriers offer trade-in programs, as does Best Buy. Verizon, for example, allows you to “recycle” your old device and receive a gift card to apply to your bill or next purchase. T-Mobile recently introduced a trade-in program as well. Check with your carrier.

Recycle it with Apple. Apple has become partners with PowerOn to recycle and re-use iPhones, iPads and certain computers. Just log onto Applestore.com, answer a few questions about your device, and get an offer guaranteed for 30 days. Once you ship your device to PowerOn (for free) and it’s evaluated, you’ll receive an Apple Store gift card.

Of course, if you don’t need the cash, you can always repurpose your old cell phone — use it as a dedicated music player, for example — or donate it to nonprofits like Cell Phones for Soldiers or the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

One last piece of advice: Make sure you wipe your device clean before you dispose of it, following the manufacturer’s instructions for deleting data and/or doing a “factory reset.” And don’t forget to remove or erase your SIM and SD cards. It’s essential to take these steps to ensure that your personal information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.


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