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Deepak Chopra’s secret to inner calm


By Eric Barton
City & Shore Magazine

If there’s one thing crystal clear from a chat with Deepak Chopra, it’s that he doesn’t think much of his critics. Those who have accused him of faulty science, of over-selling New Age medicine, they are not worthy of a lot of thought, he says.

“Everybody sees the world as they are,” Chopra says. “Fearful people will see the world as fearful, and they will fear new things like meditation.”

No matter if you are a follower or a skeptic, what he says about his critics makes for a pretty good way to overcome negativity. People who doubt you, who question you when you know you’re right, maybe it’s because they see the world through their own negative veil. Chopra says there’s another way.

It starts by resetting yourself and what you’ve learned about healing. Give up thinking that medicine and doctor’s office visits can cure everything, he says. Start instead, he suggests, down a path of holistic medicine, with the first step visiting an all-encompassing facility, like the one he runs in California. He recommends the five-day detox, “where basically you reset what you think of as the world.”

There, you’d learn meditation, yoga, all-day breathing techniques, exercise, nutrition and quality deep sleep. All of those things enjoy widespread acceptance these days, something Chopra has been fighting to get for a couple of decades now. He has been accused by fellow medical doctors of using inferior science to support his beliefs, and by celebrities and other believers, of having the answers to how we can all live longer and be more at peace.

Which is it, then? From a talk with Chopra, it’s clear he’s a man who has achieved a calming sense about him. He says it’s a state he can achieve any time, wherever. And during his visit to Fort Lauderdale earlier this year, he says reaching a state of calm was easy.

“All I had to do is look out the window. It’s beautiful.”

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