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Boca makeup artist turns brows to wows

By Felicia Levine

City & Shore Magazine

If eyes are windows to the soul, fleek brows are their crowning glory.

From Vanity Fair to Facebook, stylistas gush over Cara Delevingne’s bitchin’ brows and Beyonce’s golden arches. It’s hard to miss Instagram’s tutorials for waxing, penciling, gelling and tattooing.

Suffice to say women – and quite a few men – have become obsessed.

Feeding the fixation is makeup artist Marija Radivojcevic, former model and owner of Brows Art Inc. in Boca Raton. Radivojcevic specializes in microblading, a semi-permanent tattoo process that beauty editors worldwide laud for its natural-looking results.

That’s because rather than the Magic Marker-looking brow tats of the past, microblading calls for drawing one “hair” at a time with a penlike instrument fitted with tiny needles that deposits ink into the skin’s top layers. It takes patience and talent. Radivojcevic, 37, has both.

“Clients are always surprised by how realistic their eyebrows look,” says Radivojcevic, who studied in her native Serbia with brow master Branko Babic at his renowned Microblading Academy. “Some are so happy they cry.”

Word travels fast. Radivojcevic left Serbia last year to open her practice in Boca Raton and already has a reputation as “eyebrow queen.” She averages three new clients a day who travel from across the state. She recently had a client fly in from Boston.

“The right brows can change a person’s whole face,” says Radivojcevic, who uses organic pigments to fill in, reshape or create brows. “They can make a nose look thinner or a face look lifted.”

She says she’s a perfectionist. “I’m not pleased until my clients are the best version they can be,” says Radivojcevic, who uses the Golden Ratio measurement system to create symmetry that moves with facial expressions.

Microblading typically takes about two hours. Brows heal in two weeks with the final color settling in after a month. (It’s always overly dark in the beginning.) Expect redness and possible scabbing in the interim.

About 70 percent of clients require a follow-up for tweaks. Results can last up to three years. Radivojcevic also does other semi-permanent makeup procedures – from hairlines to lip lines.

So what does the creative entrepreneur do in her spare time?

“I don’t have any!” says Radivojcevic, laughing. “If I do, I spend it with my 15-year-old son, Nikola, post Instagram photos or work on putting together trainings. Oh, and I like to sleep. I don’t get enough of that.”

For more information, call 305-964-8377 or visit browsstyle.com.

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