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Ana Navarro kicks off speaker series Jan. 23

By Hernando Olivares

City & Shore Magazine

Over the past few months Ana Navarro has become a political celebrity, thanks to her rise to media-star status during the 2016 presidential campaign. The Republican strategist and CNN political analyst made a name for herself with tough – and often hilarious – criticism of her own party’s candidate, Donald Trump.

Navarro, 44, became an instant sensation with hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter after a heated and entertaining appearance with Anderson Cooper on CNN and political commentator Scottie Nell Hughes. She garnered admiration for her unfiltered comments, and her video clips racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

She will kick off the 2017 Broward College Speaker Series on Jan. 23 with a lecture titled “The Political Landscape in Washington,” in the Amaturo Theatre at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale. Her political view, she says, was shaped by the Miami of her youth, where she found a second home in 1980 after fleeing the civil war in her native Nicaragua.

Navarro has played significant roles with Republicans – including Jeb Bush, John McCain and Jon Huntsman – and has worked for ABC’s The View and Telemundo as well as CNN and CNN en Español. 

City & Shore: Before the presidential election, you received a lot of support from your fans on social media and became a media star in your own right. How did you feel about that?

Ana Navarro: I didn’t really ever stop to think about it. I am not one who spends much time naval gazing. I was on a hamster wheel and had to keep on running hard.

C&S: Apparently your comments about Donald Trump during the campaign didn’t discourage people from voting for him. How do you explain that?

AN: I didn’t think or expect people would vote based on comments I made.

C&S: Do you think the results of the election will change your career trajectory? Will you focus more on TV than political advising going forward, maybe even host your own show?

AN: I don’t know what the future holds. I believe in being aware of opportunities that may arise, and seizing them.

C&S: Do you still think of yourself as a Republican activist, even though you’ve said you voted for Hillary Clinton?

AN: I am a Republican. I don’t campaign in favor of Democrats. I voted for Hillary Clinton. Rather, I voted against Donald Trump. It was the first time in my life I voted for a Democrat for president.

C&S: As an American citizen and a Latina woman, how do you feel about having Trump as president?

AN: I dislike Trump as a person as much as I did before the election. I have serious concerns about his character. I just don’t think he has the needed character and values. But he is now president-elect, and I feel great respect for the office of the presidency.

C&S: People are curious about your interests outside the political arena. Would you tell us about them?

 AN: I like traveling, cooking, spending time with friends, reading and binge-watching TV shows. Right now, I am hooked on Narcos, the Netflix series.

C&S: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

AN: Sometimes young people tell me I inspired them to go to college and to study politics. It makes me proud and humbled when I know I have touched lives.

C&S: Humor seems important in your political commentary. So tell us, what makes you laugh?

AN: I laugh a lot. Sometimes at funny stuff. Other times at the absurdity of life.

C&S: You’ve been extremely busy for several months. How do you juggle everything?

AN: [Laughing]. Badly. It’s very hard to balance work and life requirements. I always feel like I am not doing a good job of it. My parents complain they don’t see enough of me.


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