Departments — 05 October 2013
What to watch when there’s nothing on


You love critically acclaimed classic films. You like both domestic and international cinema of high quality. And you want those movies at your fingertips, streamed into your home system.

You need to think about Hulu Plus, home of the Criterion Collection. And what a collection – filled with movies that dot all-time best lists. The feast began almost immediately for me as I dialed up one of the most touching war and love stories of all time, Ballad of a Soldier. It’s Russian, yes; but think Tolstoy, not Putin. The next night I marveled once again at the cunning of Jeanne Moreau in a film noir Paris in Elevator to the Gallows. The third night it was on to the very elusive work of Indian director Satyajit Ray, one of the great masters of modern cinema. I had a choice, but watched The Big City, with its luminous portrait of a brave but fragile woman in her struggle to save her extended family.

For a beginner in the land of foreign and independent film, I envy the first-time pleasures and excitement of this journey, a journey which up to now could never be taken almost effortlessly.

John Dolen


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