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From Chef Andre “Dre” Lane, iPic Entertainment, Tanzy Restaurant, Tanzy Express: Seared Scallops with Creamy Parsnips Purée and Wild Mushroom Ragout drizzled with Truffle Oil

Plating for 1


5 sea scallops

½ cup wild mushroom ragout

1 cup parsnip purée

2 tablespoon chili oil

1 tablespoon truffle oil

.1 oz. finely chopped chives

¼ cup blended oil

1 tablespoon salt/pepper



Season scallops with salt and pepper on both sides.

Heat oil in sauté pan until smoking point, add scallops and sear for 2-3 minutes, or until golden brown.

Flip scallops over and repeat searing process.

In sauté pan, heat parsnip purée, add a touch of cream if needed.

In separate sauté pan, re-heat mushroom mix.

In center of large plate, mound the parsnip purée, making sure to create some height.

Spread mushrooms completely around parsnip purée, creating an “outer shell” of mushrooms.

Lightly rest scallops around and on top of mushrooms in a five-pointed star pattern.

Place a dollop of chili oil between each scallop.

Drizzle truffle oil over parsnip purée and scallops.

Garnish with finely chopped chives over parsnip purée.



1 lb peeled and chopped parsnips

3 cups milk

¼ cup butter

1 cup heavy cream

salt/pepper mix to taste


Boil the parsnips as you would potatoes, using the milk as the boiling liquid.

When ready, drain in a colander and set aside.

In small sauce pot, combine heavy cream and butter and bring to a boil. Immediately remove from heat once cream boils.

Place cooked parsnips in large mixer and mash as you would potatoes.

Add the cream mixture to the parsnips and mix well.

Season with salt and pepper and mix again.




½ cup rough chopped crimini mushrooms

½ cup rough chopped oyster mushrooms

½ cup rough chopped shitake mushrooms

2 tablespoons finely chopped shallots

2 tablespoons finely chopped garlic

¼ cup blended oil

2 tablespoon finely chopped thyme

½ cup butter



In sauté pan, add oil and heat to smoking point.

Add garlic and shallots, sauté and caramelize for 3 minutes.

Add mushrooms and sauté over medium/low heat for 10 minutes.

Add butter and thyme to mushroom mix and cook for an additional 10 minutes over medium/low heat.



Recipe from Stephane Lang-Willar, Owner,Stéphane’s,


The Bouillabaisse Base – Can be prepared up to two days prior, and stored in the refrigerator.

Yield 32 ounces

¼ cup olive oil

1.5 oz chopped garlic

¼ lbs. chopped fennel

5 oz. diced onions

½ lbs. chopped plum tomatoes

½ lbs. white fish (flounder, cod, haddock, etc.)

4 oz. white wine

8 oz. fish stock

1.5 oz. tomato paste

½ oz. saffron

salt to taste

cayenne pepper to taste

  1. Add olive oil to a large pan.  Sweat garlic, fennel, onions, tomatoes and fish together until soft and tender.
  2. Add white wine and reduce by half.
  3. Add fish stock, tomato paste and saffron, bring to a simmer and cook for 30 minutes.
  4. Use a hand immersion blender to purée the base in the pan. You can also use a conventional blender and purée it in small batches, making sure to leave the lid cracked so steam can escape.

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