On The shore — 11 May 2012
A math teacher turns kite runner

Boca Beach Club has a high-flying concierge, with strings attached

Step off Boca Beach Club’s grand pool deck onto the warm sand and look skyward to encounter the resort’s loftiest attraction – a collection of gargantuan show kites anchored by Kite Concierge Randy Lowe, aka Randy the Kiteman. A one-man kite festival, Lowe fills the air with 30- to 150-foot sea creatures or cartoon characters or other wind-filled delights each weekend.

A former Boston math teacher who retired to Delray Beach last year, 60-year-old Lowe considers kite flying an art, but he also throws in a little science – geometry in particular. When he was teaching, he would challenge his students to figure out the height of a kite using the Pythagorean Theorem. “First one to figure it out got a free kite,” says Lowe, who volunteers teaching math at the Wayne Barton Study Center in Boca Raton. He says he would like to share his kites with local school children, to teach math plus a few other lessons. “It’s green, it’s inexpensive, and it gets kids exercising,” he says.

As with his teaching, Lowe works to engage his viewing audience. “You’ve got to have something to catch their interest. I gauge the interest of spectators while I’m putting different kites up. I’ll put 10 or 12 kites up there,” he says, adding that he can take them down in minutes if weather threatens.

The beachfront kite fest is part of Boca Beach Club’s guest programming for each Saturday and Sunday (weather permitting), which includes sand-castle building, poolside hair braiding, massage and a new Random House Children’s Library with character appearances.

In addition to Randy the Kiteman’s weekend gig at the resort, he will populate the sky for parties and special events. On Fridays he and his kites often can be found on Delray Beach, where he also flies air banners, such as his recent message, “I love Delray Beach.” He sells kites at the Boca Beach Club and also through his website, but mostly he flies them for the love of it.

“I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I do kites,” he says.

—Elizabeth Rahe

Boca Beach Club, 900 S. Ocean Blvd., Boca Raton, 888-564-1312, www.bocabeachclub.com. Randy Lowe, 781-799-9261, www.randythekiteman.com.

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