In The City — 07 September 2013
Yoga on the Green: Not same old fitness class

Wouldn’t it be great if all workouts could be like this?

That seemed to be the collective thought at the inaugural “Yoga On the Green” – a lively event at Bonaventure Resort & Spa in Weston that looks nothing like the average fitness class.

With live music, gourmet foods and local vendors displaying organic cosmetics and other treats, the early morning gathering feels more like a street fair.

The quarterly yogafest on the golf resort’s lakefront 18th green has a relaxing vibe, but its three instructors mean business. More than 50 participants came out for the last event, and most appeared to have been rigorously tested.

“It’s not typical to have a program like this at a spa or resort,” says Phylice Kessler, fitness director of Bonaventure’s aLaya Spa. “Most gyms and spas don’t know how to approach it. But if you look at the trends, more people are turning to it because it’s a non-impact workout.”

While boot camps and other “strongman”-style classes have also gained in popularity over the past decade, even its devotees acknowledge that such jarring workouts can pummel the body.

“Yoga is something almost anyone can do,” Kessler says. “It’s a Universal language.”

— Deborah Wilker


The next “Yoga On The Green” will be Sept. 21. For more information visit; or visit

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