In The City — 10 June 2015
Asking the unknowable, ‘When are you at your sexiest?’

An online bonus here from contributing writer Eric Barton, about his interview with Matthew McConaughey for the June issue of City & Shore:

By Eric Barton
City & Shore Magazine

“Right before it was our time to sit down with Matthew McConaughey, right before the 10 minutes allotted to ask him anything, he lounged on a couch for a TV interview. The reporter came from a New York fashion website, so everything she asked was about which clothes he likes and what products he uses. Everything went fine until the last question. The reporter asked him, ‘When are you at your sexiest?’ McConaughey, who was the epitome of grace and kindness throughout the hour of questions from a handful of reporters, was stumped. ‘Uh,’ he said, long pause, ‘I don’t know.’ The reporter offered him some suggestions, like maybe when he was working or getting out of the shower. McConaughey looked unsure. He shook his head. The reporter offered him more possible answers. Finally, as it was just about to get awkward, he said: ‘I don’t have an answer for you.’ And how could he, really? Is there a correct answer to when a man finds himself sexy? No, there isn’t, and that’s why maybe one of the kindest superstars you’ll meet exchanged pleasantries with the reporter and then moved on.”

Read Eric’s full interview, which includes an unexpected Florida connection, with McConaughey here,


Photo: Matthew McConaughey and Eric Barton

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