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Showroom Q&A: Casabella Designs, Deerfield

By Charlyne Varkonyi Schaub

City & Shore Magazine

Sal Riggi and his son, Dan, have worked together 13 years at Casabella Designs, a bathroom and kitchen showroom in Deerfield Beach.

Since Father’s Day is June 19, we wondered what it is like for them to work together. Dad was born in Italy, where he studied architecture and still hand sketches designs. His 34-year-old son is more in touch with what younger clients want and creates designs with Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) that presents an image of what the room will look like.

“We complement each other,” Sal says. “We simply talk. We talk about what would be best or more cost effective. Oftentimes I give in to what he thinks is better. We have very few fights, I am open minded, I don’t believe … he has to do it my way.”

City & Shore: You have been in business 33 years. What style changes have you seen?

Sal Riggi: They used to want classic details like corbels and a lot of knickknacks. Some people still like a traditional look in cabinetry but tastes are changing more to clean lines.

C&S: What is happening in bathroom design?

SR: Bathrooms used to be smaller – 5 by 5 feet. That’s no longer true. People want larger bathrooms and shower jets, overhead showers, whirlpools and deep tubs to relax and relieve stress.

C&S: What about kitchens?

SR: People are looking for a more streamlined look that is easier to maintain and keep clean. Socially the kitchen has changed. With more open design, the cook is no longer isolated. Appliances are integrated so they look like cabinets.

C&S: What do you think about countertops in granite vs. quartz?

SR: Granite has some wonderful colors, but quartz has taken a big slice of the business. Quartz is easy to clean and has more solid colors and allows more options for modern design.

C&S: What special services do you offer?

SR: Our specialty is design. We go to a client’s home and then produce the design. If they agree, we help arrange different people to do the construction.

C&S: Who are your customers? 

SR: We have a wide range – from Millennials to those in their 50s who want a beautiful home with all the amenities and have the ability to pay for it.

C&S: What is your mantra?

SR: In design, if you can dream it, you can make it happen. We encourage people to dream.

Casabella Designs: 1650 S. Powerline Road #H, Deerfield Beach, 33442, 954-354-8404, Bathroomremodelingboca.com.          

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