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Bea Pila shows how to give a room ‘a soul’

By Charlyne Varkonyi Schaub

City & Shore Magazine 

Bea Pila was attending a business retreat when she finally understood what defines her work as an interior designer. It took only 10 minutes more to define her purpose.

She realized designers create too many rooms that look like stage sets or showrooms. The spaces lacked the most important element – a soul. They could have been designed for anyone. In contrast, her designs always reflect the client. No two are the same.

“I create sacred spaces so people can live inspired lives,” she says. “At that moment I stopped thinking and let my heart speak. I felt the sense of knowing rather than thinking. I knew this was something that I had to get out in the world to guide everyone, not only those who could afford my services.”

She collected her thoughts into a book, Sacred Spaces for Inspired Living: Your Guide to Design Enlightenment. What she describes as an “interactive workbook” guides readers how to make their homes reflect who they are rather than reflect what’s trendy.

“We need to create the foundation that comes from the soul first,” she says. “You have to develop your feelings and desires.”

The most important steps are the first three that she says designers often skip:

  1. Explore: Look within to understand lifestyle. What’s nostalgic? What’s meaningful? What’s inspiring to you? This is the time to accept who you really are.
  2. Dream: Imagine what your home design could be so you can bring it to life.
  3. Inspire: Determine how you want to live and the rooms will follow.
  4. Create: Develop a scaled floor plan to begin your design.
  5. Personalize: Assign each room a function and list the furnishings you need.
  6. Beautify: Shop for furniture and accessories that meet your functional and personal needs.
  7. Realize: Tell your personal story through accents, accessories and other details that connect you to the space.

“Who we are needs to be heard,” she says. “No two homes or two spaces should be alike. To me, design has been an expression of individuality. I am blessed to be a channeler to help others.”

For more information and to order the book, see bpiladesign.com.



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