First Words PRIME MAGAZINE — 28 July 2017
Tune in, turn on and drop in

By Mark Gauert

Editor, City & Shore Magazine

I’m watching a video of David Frohman explaining why he dropped out to join a commune called The Farm back in the 1970s.

“I wasn’t a great hippie,” says Frohman, whose video ( and photos from those days appear in our story by Amy Beth Bennett, in the July/August issue. “I didn’t run around and do all the crazy things all the time.”

There was just something about being part of a movement bigger than any one individual back then that appealed to a young man in his 20s, trying to find his way. A feeling good things can happen when people with shared interests come together.

“The Farm grew out of the San Francisco movement, at a time when Kent State happened, and things were up for grabs in the country,” he says. The bigger cause in those troubled times, he adds, was to spread nonviolence – and to live as simply as possible, off the land.

“We said we were not a commune,” says Frohman, now 70 and living in Stuart. “The real word is community.”


I’m watching another video now from Facebook, which just popped up in the notifications on my desktop screen.

“Facebook is now a community of 2 billion people, and we’re so glad you’re a part of it,” the notification reads. “We made you this video to share the good that happens when we all come together.”

In short, turn on your computer, tune in Facebook and join up. (Can we really live communally, though, when everybody’s checking their personal status?)

So here we are, almost 50 years later, still trying to find our way in troubled times. Together.

I listen to David Frohman and Facebook and think PRIME also speaks to a community of shared interests – on health, on finances, on places to go, people to meet, inspiring stories on any subject that help us get the most from life in South Florida after 50.

Always believing that good things can happen when people with shared interests come together.

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