First Words — 05 February 2016
Answers to 15th Anniversary Trivia Challenge

 Editor’s note: We challenged readers in January to test their knowledge of City & Shore Magazine’s
first 15 years in
our 15th Anniversary Trivia Challenge. The correct answers are:

1. Fill in the blank with the name of the person quoted in the premiere issue’s celebrity story by Jose Lambiet: “Hey, South Florida’s a cool place. The women are sexy. The weather’s nice. And the clubs are fun. Here I can be ———.”

d. Dennis Rodman

2. Who was the subject of the magazine’s first celebrity interview?

c. Angela Bassett 

3. Tian, the April/May 2002 cover model, was a contestant on which reality TV show?

a. The Amazing Race 

4. Maus & Hoffman made a suit for which Miami Dolphins player for his April/May 2003 cover story?

c. Ricky Williams 

5. Who is being described in the following quote from a June/July 2004 interview? “I think his sense of humor is the best part of him. I wish they would have shown that on camera because it brings him down to reality, and people in America would realize he’s just a normal guy.”

b. Donald Trump 

6. Only a few covers have been black-and-white photos. Which were among them?

d. All of the above (Barbara Streisand, Justin Timberlake and Ivanka Trump)

7. When tennis superstar Andy Roddick posed for the April/May 2006 cover, his face was partially obscured by …?

a. An ice cream cone 

8. Which SoFla celebrity told C&S: “When I was younger I had some great professors and coaches who really made a difference in my life, who cared about me – and knew I wasn’t a lost cause. And now I feel as adults we all shoulder that responsibility to all of our children, me to your kids, and you to mine”?

d. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson 

9. The actress daughter of which famous actor said the following in the March/April 2010 issue? “My dad was strict…I remember having the earliest curfew. My dad wouldn’t give me a key to the house. He wanted to see my face when I came in the door.”

b. Andy Garcia 
10. In his May/June 2011 editor’s column, “My Dinner With Mr. Clooney,” Mark Gauert was referring to:

c. George’s father, Nick

11. “I always tell people that champagne basically goes with everything and anything.” Which celebrity chef told C&S this?

c. Emeril Lagasse 

12. In the September 2012 fall fashion issue, fashion and style director Elyse Ranart named her 10 most stylish red-carpet celebs. Who did not make her list?

d. Charlotte Gainsbourg

13. In a September 2013 interview, whose wife said the following about her famous husband? “I still melt when he walks into the room. He makes my heart stop.”

b. Howard Stern 

14. On receiving a career achievement award, which celebrity told C&S the following? “Truly, the biggest career achievement is sustaining one. The award should be the Congratulations – You Actually Have a Career Award.”

a. Jason Alexander 

15. In his June 2015 interview, Matthew McConaughey confessed a regret he still harbored from summers he spent in Florida as a kid, a regret he described as:

c. “Leaving crumbs” 

16. The name of City & Shore was inspired by:

b. Town & Country

17. Giovanni Rocchio, Chef/Owner of Valentino Cucina Italiana, One Door East, was named one of City & Shore Magazine’s “Tastemakers’’ in which year?

d. 2015 


Speaking of Valentino, reader Robert McMahon of Fort Lauderdale and a guest will join me for dinner there for getting the most number of answers – nine – correct.  Congratulations – it was a tough quiz!

— Mark Gauert,

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