Style File — 11 May 2012
Expert advice: Shopping for jewelry

Buying one piece of fine jewelry? Go for a one-of-a-kind, signature piece, says Neiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale VP and GM Rusty Smith. Trends may come and go, he says, but great design and quality endure.



As Vice President & General Manager of Neiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale, Rusty Smith always has had his finger on the pulse of fashion. As the former Merchandise Manager for both the Boca Raton and Bal Harbour Neiman Marcus stores, as well as a buyer for their Contemporary Sportswear division, he’s always had a keen sense of what women are looking for, too. Luckily for women who love fashion but agree with Marilyn Monroe, Rusty agrees that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. His love and knowledge of fine jewelry brings a very special treasure trove to Fort Lauderdale for those of us looking for something truly unique.

C&S I know that you have a penchant for fine jewelry, where does that come from?

R.S. As a young boy, my mother would take me to gem and mineral shows. I would love to watch as the rocks and minerals were placed in a tumbler to be poished. It was so amazing to see the once dull pebbles come out so shiny and beautiful!

C&S How did you conceive and create the exclusive trunk shows for your store?

R.S. The idea behind the exclusivity of our new collections is to show our South Florida clientele the wide selection of rare jewels and new designers whose merchandise cannot be found anywhere else in the southeast, except Neiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale.

C&S Are there trends when it comes to fine jewelry? If so, what are they now?

R.S. Personal adornment from jewelry has been around for over a millennium, and there have been trends over the years. However, great design and quality transcends trends and the timelessness and beauty is what creates individual style.

C&S Why are women in particular so passionate about jewels?

R.S. Women are just naturally drawn to beautiful objects, and nothing is as beautiful as something created by nature.

C&S What one piece of jewelry should
a woman invest in?

R.S. One fabulous signature, one-of-a-kind special piece that truly reflects her lifestyle. A piece that can be worn from day into evening and one that becomes uniquely hers, and no one else’s.

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