ARTicle — 11 February 2013
A brush with the new art of ‘lightpainting’

“To love beauty is to see light,” said the French novelist Victor Hugo, and Contemporary American artist Stephen Knapp probably would agree. Knapp has pioneered the art form of “Lightpainting,” which diffuses white light through specially treated glass into every color of the spectrum, and reflects it onto a surface and into surrounding space.

Through March 24, the Lowe Art Museum in Coral Gables is hosting the exhibition Stephen Knapp: New Light, which features 14 of Knapp’s Lightpaintings. Considered by some to be the first new art medium of the 21st century, the technique blends technology and sculpture to create what looks like an abstract painting.

The transcendent and mysterious nature of light has captured the imaginations of people throughout the ages, from ancient philosophers to today’s quantum physicists. Says Knapp of his Lightpaintings: “At once both physical objects and illusions, they remind us that dreams, hopes and aspirations are the center of art’s ability to touch the human spirit.”

Kingsley Guy


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